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The CDSP is one of the main French centers for the production and curation of data for the social sciences. It carries out missions of data stewardship, data preservation and data production. The CSDP is also a reference center for quantitative and qualitative methods, linked to national and European research infrastructures in the HSS.

Unit for support and research (UAR 828), created in 2005 by Sciences Po and the CNRS, the CDSP is formed by a team of more than 20 web developers and data specialists.

The CSDP has developed a series of equipment, platforms and services for the academic community, in the perspective of open science. The CSDP thus proposes expertise in terms of probability-based panel, web-based surveys, metadata standards, and the development and the deployment of app infrastructures for research.

The CSDP’s activities are structured by a number of projects, among which: the probability-based web panel ELIPSS; the fieldwork operation for the European Social Survey in France; the institutional data repository data.sciencespo; experiments on data management procedures, and the Web panel management system.

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