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The Law School at Sciences Po is not only a teaching establishment but also a research unit, which is composed of about twenty professors and about forty doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers and research fellows. This research centre is home to Sciences Po’s doctoral programme in law.
Research conducted in the Law School seeks to break down the boundaries of legal scholarship, to retrace the historical evolution and conceptual foundations of legal forms, to identify emerging territories or dimensions of law, and to reflect on the legal aspects of globalisation. Scholarship in the Law School ranges across the different branches of law, notably international law, property law, intellectual property, human rights, legal history, legal theory, comparative law, European law, international arbitration, law and gender, and law and discrimination.
Alongside the rich and varied projects pursued by its individual members, the Law School has a number of collective research projects, which address three broad themes: legal cultures, globalisation, the economic dimensions of law.
Research within the Law School takes a critical, interdisciplinary, approach to law, which is understood in global and comparative terms.


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